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OPG machine are specifically designed to produce X-rays of the teeth, jaws and temperomandibular joints. The image provides an overview of the state of the dentition as well as information regarding the bones of the jaw (the mandible and maxilla), the sinuses in the upper jaw and the joints between the jaw and the skull (the temperomandibular joints). The OPG machines can also perform a standard lateral view of the skull.

Today Digital OPG system will allow the dentist to save time and reveal small hidden areas of decay between teeth or below existing restorations (fillings), bone infections, gum (periodontal) disease, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities and tumors that cannot be detected with only a visual dental examination

Digital radiographs can be viewed instantly on any computer screen, manipulated to enhance contrast and detail, and transmitted electronically to specialists without quality loss. All OPG Digital dental images can be stored easily in electronic patient records and, sent quickly electronically to insurance companies, referring dentists or consultants, often eliminating or reducing treatment disruption and leading to faster dental insurance reimbursement payments.

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