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Carestream 5100 Sensor

Affordable Quality

The Carestream 5100 Sensor is an affordable way to take your first step into digital radiography. With a resolution of 14 line pairs/mm, you’ll take high-quality images while remaining within your budget.

Improve Efficiency

The Carestream 5100 Sensor displays images in less than two seconds, greatly reducing wait time for you and your patients. A complete set of positioners helps make proper sensor placement faster. And, increased productivity means the system quickly pays for itself.

Practical, Durable Design

The Carestream 5100 Sensor features a cable positioned on the back of the sensor for precise and effortless positioning—resulting in better images. Designed to resist shocks, bites and drops, all of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure durability and ease of use.

Enhance Patient Comfort

Rounded sensor corners and an ergonomic design help make positioning fast and easy while improving patient comfort — the ideal conditions for obtaining high-quality images. And, Carestream 5100 Sensors are available in two sizes: size 1 for standard examinations, and size 2, with 60% more active area for bitewings and other applications.

Easily Use and Integrate

The Carestream 5100 Sensor provides you with high-quality results while being exceptionally easy to use. Integration with our full suite of imaging software provides you with a full range of tools and options to further enhance your diagnostic abilities.

Carestream 6100 Sensor

Built To Last­

Thanks to rigorous design and testing all RVG sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility. Completely waterproof, RVG sensors can be safely submerged in disinfectant. The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers protection from falls, bites, and other damage. In addition, a lead barrier helps prevent damage due to repeated high exposure—ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return of investment.

Industry-Leading Image Quality

The Carestream 6100 Sensor is the result of decades of experience in digital radiography. Our advanced technology with optical fiber yields high image resolution, while greater exposure latitude helps ensure optimal image capture over a wide range of exposure—making it an ideal choice for even the most complex dental applications, including endodontic examinations.

Optimal Performance

In addition to its exceptional image resolution, the Carestream 6100 Sensor is also one of the fastest digital imaging sensor on the market—displaying images in less than two seconds. A great solution for multi-chair practices, the sensor is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure easy image capture, analysis, and sharing. With such superb abilities, it’s not surprising to learn that many renowned oral healthcare professionals consider the Carestream 6100 Sensor the best intraoral radiographic system on the market.

Unparalleled Usability

Don’t let its abilities fool you…the Carestream 6100 Sensor is one of the most user-friendly sensors on the market. With its remarkably easy-to-use features, anyone on your team can master the art of intraoral imaging. The sensor remote control enables convenient chairside examinations, while a complete set of positioners makes placing the sensor quick and easy. And, as with all of our sensors, the Carestream 6100 Sensor is designed to resist shocks, bites, and drops—ensuring maximum durability and a lasting return of investment.

Superior Patient Care

With its ergonomic design, the Carestream 6100 Sensor provides superior comfort and safety for your patients. The size 0 sensor reduces exposure by as much as 40%, while its small size and complete set of positioners ensure a more comfortable examination for patients with small mouths.

CS 7600

Setting a new standard in dental imaging, the CS 7600 goes beyond the essentials of top performance. Fast, compact, and delivering consistently high-quality results, the system provides everything you’d expect a high performance intraoral plate system to offer and much more. Using our exclusive Scan and Go technology, the system automates tasks and eliminate the risk of mistakes to enhance productivity and efficiency. Plus, its compact design can be used both chairside or centrally—making it a cost-effective and flexible solution for anyone.

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