Affordable quality solutions to dentists

Dental air compressor are among the most important pieces of equipment in any dental surgery.

The quality of air the compressor supplies as well as the reliability of the compressor can make your clinic a success
Superior performance and precision design have made Cattani air compressors a market leader and are key factors to their success.

We have a large range of compressors to suit your clinic’s requirements from the single chair practice right up to systems that cater for many surgeries.
Cattani air compressors  can be supplied with an acoustic hood  which greatly reduces noise levels.

Cattani offer an outstanding reputation for reliability and durability  and offer a  comprehensive 7-year warranty.

Turbo SMART runs with a varies  speed according to your clinic requirements.
Cattani Turbo SMARTS motor adapts to provide you with consistent high airflow and vacuum, regardless of whether other surgeries are using the suction unit, therefore guaranteeing no more loss of power.

The latest variable speed suction means:

• More consistent suction
• Less heat output
• Less load strain on motors
• Soft-starting of motors
• Higher efficiency

There are two models of Turbo SMART available;
Turbo SMART A for 2 surgeries (max speed 4800 rpm)
Turbo SMART B for 3-4 surgeries (max speed 6200 rpm) (password required)

All Cattani suction come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.