Affordable quality solutions to dentists

Gentilin is an Italian company with over 30 years of experience in the field of oil free displacement air technology.

Thanks to Gentilin advance know-how and patents technology, Gentilin can offers state of the art dental air compressors with unique technology that offer higher operation lifetime along with reduction noise and air flow for your clinic.

The succuss of a dental practice is consequence of the skills and qualifications of the doctor and their medical staff ,in the same way as the quality of the work by a dental laboratory ,but a strong influenced by the quality of the air is which is used to operate the dental equipment is important that the purity of the air which is used in the dental practice has a direct impact on the health of the patient ,Gentilin remove the hidden danger of non purity air with its technology advance desiccant drying system .

Gentilin Clinic Dry 3HS systems is a 3 step filtering system with 100% cycle of work to filter up to 0,01 micron *on the HS model filter system

Gentilin revolutionary patented motor design reduces noise level down to 49 (db(a) *based Clinic Dry 3.50HS comfort model

Gentilin 100% duty cycle with its two piston axial movement  offer a powerful air compression of 10 Bar ,with smooth start ups and low maintenance filters system make the Gentilin advance in air compressor for your clinic.


Gentilin model from 1-6 dental units Gentilin warranty from 3 years extended to 5 years by simply following a preventive low cost maintenance program.