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Digital Ultra Flowmeter is the right choice for clinicians who prefer to work in a digital environment but want critical parameters displayed both numerically and as electronic flow tubes.

The ease of color-coded, fingertip controls is an additional feature of the flowmeter.

A smooth front fascia enhances infection control practice by allowing barrier protection.

The unit’s design complements aseptic and contemporary operatory environments.
Options include a remote control and a printer for recording gas delivery during treatment.

Automatic Calibration – adjust total flow while gas % remains constant

Digital and Electronic Gas Flow Displays

Microprocessor Technology; Color-coded Fingertip Controls

N2O Ratio Control – min. 30% O2 total flow

Audible and Visual (LED) Low Gas Flow Alarms

Oxygen Fail-safe; Oxygen Flush

Sealed Membrane Switch Technology 

easy to clean and disinfect or barrier protect

Optional Remote Control

Optional Printer – records gas delivery to during patient treatment.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 19 cm x 17.8 cm x 19 cm

Weight: 2.90 kg

Nitrous Oxide Mixed Ratio Range: 0-70%

Flow Range (max. readable each gas): O2 1.0-9.9 LPM; N2O 0-6.9 LPM
Inlet Pressure (each gas): 400 kPa
Resuscitator Connector: Quick Connect(1/4″ Imperial) at Remote Outlet
Resuscitator Connector Flow: 100 LPM

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Ultra PC % Flowmeter is designed for the practitioner who demands precision control, consistent performance and state-of-the-art innovation within an easy to use and compact analog flowmeter.

The unit combines efficient operation with optimal safety, and its smooth appearance complements both infection control disinfection with modern operatory aesthetics.

Single-knob Total Flow Control
N2O Ratio Control – min. 30% Oxygen
Oxygen Fail-safe
Oxygen Flush
Oxygen Resuscitation Connector
Emergency Air Valve
Directional Check Valve

Dimensions (W x H x D): 11 cm x 27 cm x 20 cm
Weight: 2.50 kg
Nitrous Oxide Mixed Ratio Range: 0-70%
Flow Range (max. readable each gas): O2 10 LPM; N2O 0-7 LPM
Inlet Pressure (each gas): 400 kPa
Resuscitator Connector: Quick Connect
Resuscitator Connector Flow: 100 LPM

Clearview double hood mask.

Clearview GroupThe double hood system is currently the state-of-the-art and best nasal hood system available. The inner hood continues picks up where the Accutron PIP+™ system left off and is available in various colours and scents. Thanks to its transparent outer hood, the doctor can monitor the patient’s breathing – the “Clearview” effect, which has revolutionised the administration of conscious sedation.

Aesthetic Design and Complete Freedom

Clearview tubing setUnlike other double hood systems, the design of both hoods in the Clearview system along with the white and smooth appearance of the Accutron patient hose system makes an appealing and reassuring scavenging set – for dentists and patients alike.

Improved compliance to hygiene requirements is also possible. The material in the Accutron patient hose system is easy and convenient to clean, has a perfect fit, and rests comfortably on the patient’s facial profile. All components are Latex free.

Every Accutron Scavenging Circuit includes a Vacuum Control for correct setting of the suction for scavenging.

Compatible with other Brands of Scavenging Circuits

Available in the following Scented, Single use types in Sets of 12

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