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Bien air Optima electric motor kit

The MX2 LED is Bien-Air’s latest little prodigy. The Optima MX2 INT control has been designed to get the very best from it. The Optima MX2 INT and its micromotor guarantee absolute control of the bur, controlling speed, torque and automatic reversal of the direction of rotation.
The Optima MX2 INT is particularly versatile. This control unit offers pre-programmed modes for all the main restorative operations and for endodontics. A true all-in-one system, it also makes your life simpler: two contra-angle handpieces are sufficient to perform the vast majority of dentistry operations. This results in improved comfort as well as a time saving.
Thanks to its Easy-Nav philosophy, the Optima MX2 INT is incredibly intuitive and can be adapted to most dental chairs. It is ideal if you want to upgrade your pneumatic chair to bring it into the electronic age.

Luzzani dental syringes (LED firbo optic)

Luzzani Minibright may be consided to all intest and purposes the natural evolution in dental syringes, 

Its innovative design and sophisiticated elegant shape developed to make cleaning the syringe as simple as possible, while its syringe tip design keeps water out from the air line.The six way fuctions ,air and water spray along with heating and an inbuilt LED light allow the end user to see with easy .

Luzzani dental syringes are used with major dental chair brands .eg Planmmeca , Ritter , Swident , Anthos , diplomat due to it’s innovative design of dry clean air without the mix of water drops from the air line.  when thinking dental syringes, Luzzani is an evolution innovative system to the dental world.

Luzzani Syringe can be inbuilt into any brand chair ,Adec ,Sirona ,Kavo ,forest ,william greens ,belmot , Morita , Pelton and crane

BonArt scalers

The ART-MB3 magnetostrictive built-in scaler was designed for those that wish to install a scaler to a dental fixture. The ART-MB3 features a 2”x3” LCD screen. Two models available: 25KHz and 30KHz.CE and ISO certified 510K registered

Solenoid valve, transformer, and foot switch sold separately.
25kHz Model: MB3-0-ART2-00-20-D
30kHz Model: MB3-0-ART3-00-20-D

The ART-PB3 piezoelectric scaler is our only built-in piezo scaler designed for those that wish to install a scaler to a dental chair or unit. The ART-PB3 features a 2”x3” LCD screen.This piezo hand piece utilizes an improved transducer for more power and minimal pain during scaling, endo, and perio procedures. The hand piece can be steam autoclaved. The BS series hand piece is also compatible with Satelec tips.

Solenoid valve, transfomer, and foot switch are sold separately.

Part Number: PB3-0-ARBS-00-40-D