Affordable quality solutions to dentists

Dentplex approach is always a collaborative one which enriches the design experience for our clients. 

We pride ourselves on showing a skilful and responsible commitment to the design process. We believe in making a connection with our clients so that we can get the very best from a project.

We focus on giving value for money by offering a free in house design with any Victor units purchase saving our clients time and cost in expensive design fees.


what if your workspace was your favourite space?
There’s a place for everything. Your patients love it and it’s a dream for your staff to work in.Your new surgery is even better than you imagined. It works brilliantly and looks fantastic.
But how did you get here? Who helped you work out what you wanted? . Who really listened to you? . Who worked with you to get the most out of the space?
Who helped you choose the right finishes?.Who came up with the drawings that contained every detail?

Dentplex could be your surgery equipment and design team.

Dentplex will helps you realise your dream and will help you get the best from your surgery space as it’s all about designs ,style ,surgery flow ,lighting and a long term parthership with you

We work very closely with our clients and form a long term parthership with sales of equipment ,installation of equipment and the design layout of your surgery. It’s important that you are talking to the people that are actually designing your project from day one that has an idea as to how your surgery flow works ,because we sell the equipment we know were to place thing in the right place

Dentplex surgery inhouse designs are free with any purchase of the Victor range ,which will make your journey simple and easy . We are independent and also have a team from celfa dental group in Italy designing surgery’s around the world for over 30 years for assistance for larger surgery projects designs.

We work with your choice of builder or shopfitter of your choosing. Alternatively, we are happy to recommend construction companies we have worked with in the past if required.


Getting yourself a surgery can be overwhelming ,Well, it is difficult. And, as much as we’d like to say ‘No worries, we’ll sort the whole thing out for you’ we can’t either. What we can do, is take the journey together. We can offer our knowledge to ease the process and help you get your dream surgery design .


Initial consultation- Over the phone or via email. Showroom appointments viewing of equipment.
Proposal stage We will draw up a proposal based on our initial discussions. Once we are all happy with the proposal, we will email you a order agreement to sign (we also require a deposit to proceed).
Detailed Briefing -We will talk to you in more detail about the project, including how you expect it to look and work, budget and equipment requirements. We also do a site insepection survey with you.
Concept Design- Basic floor plan, 3D illustration(s) and sample selections. We courier and emails these to you and discuss the concept over the phone and by email.
Documentation -Detailed working drawings and specifications. Again, we courier and email these to you and discuss the drawings over the phone and by email.
Approvals -From buiding owners to local councils as required will guild you were we can.
Pricing and Construction -We are independent from any building or shopfitting company and are happy to work with any construction company of your choosing. We are also happy to make recommendations to you regarding the construction of your project if required
Grand opening- A very important part of the project journey– we love to attend any opening parties to introduce your new surgery .